I have a PS3 so I can play Blu-Ray (high-def) movies, though for most things DVDs are still fine (except if the quality of the film really warrants high-definition).

Movies should obviously be in their original language, as is mostly the case with DVDs. However, I would very greatly appreciate subtitles in the original language as well (mostly relevant to languages that I actually understand: English, Danish and French). It can unfortunately be hard to find English language films bought in say Denmark or France, with English subtitles. In this case I would prefer the UK version, which invariably has subtitles in 'English' and/or 'English for the hearing impared'. These can usually easily be obtained on or

Monty Python Monster Boxset

The complete Monty Python's Flying Circus on DVD plus all the films.

The somewhat less ambitious complete deluxe edition of the TV series (without the films) will probably do though:

Monster Boxset:

added: 06/01/09