About me

I'm Christian, a software engineer living in Berlin. I started with computers when I inherited my brothers C64, and have been programming ever since. I prefer to work with Python or Go, but I am currently also messing about with Nim. I also like to dabble with fictitious architectures and languages and am currently playing through a number of Zachtronics and Tomorrow Corporation games.

To find more about what I do, and have done, have a look at my portfolio, publications my Curriculum Vitae and the other parts of the site.

About this site

This site is served by a 600 line Python wsgi server (written in 2009), which uses Mako for templating, Markdown for content, and YAML for configuration. Additionally the publications list is generated from a BibTeX file, run through a custom pyparsing parser, and then rendered to HTML.


The template used on the site is a slightly modified version of of the template cloudyDay (download link no longer available) by Pat Heard (fullahead.org).


This website is hosted at Bytemark.

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